Welcome to Future Letter. A revolutionary program backed by the practitioners and principles of Positive Psychology. This is the first of five modules designed to provide the clarity and velocity to achieve that which matters most to you.

Dream big, have fun and illuminate the paths to your ideal life.

Jump in, the water is warm.

We’ve selected a few warm-up questions to prepare you for drafting your first Future Letter. You are in control; answer the questions you like, skip a question or exit out and transition to the Future Letter and Goal Setting tool at any time. The more questions you answer, the more clarity and inspiration you will have access to in writing the Future Letter and drafting your goals.

Your Future Self

Our Future Letter exercise will allow you to look forward in your life and at selected points in time and connect those to your optimal (unlimited) future self.

Our framework, designed to open your mind and heart through thought provoking questions, will guide you into an introspective space to draft your own Future Letter, a thoughtful reflection of those things that matter most to you.

Our experience utilizing the Future Letter process over the last decade has led to countless breakthroughs born from the clarity and intentionality of taking time to reflect on those things that matter most.

Your future evolves over time, don’t pressure yourself to get all the answers today or tomorrow. Instead browse through the questions, warm up with a few easy ones, use our meditative spaces if it helps you get out of the frenzy of the day, share questions with a friend or loved one, establish a profile to begin imagining your life, your career or your impact on the world at a specific point in the Future.

We built Future Letter to scale the mindset seven friends and I have used over the last decade to yield breakthrough results in all aspects of our lives. In developing Future Letter, we collaborated with experts in the field of positive psychology to build a new platform inspired by this mindset, providing you the clarity and velocity to achieve that which matters most.

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